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5 steps to get the best hair ever, today

Regardless of if you are an air-dry, beach waves type of girl or weekly blowout with high-maintenance highlights, achieving the best hair ever is totally doable. It doesn’t require expensive products or adding on hours to your routine, either. Just use these simple steps the next time you’re due for a washing and let the magic unfold.

Taking good care of hair that has been chemically altered is especially important!
  1. Before you even step into the shower to soap up your strands, make sure you brush, root to ends. This will help distribute your hair’s natural oils that shampoo tends to strip out, and act as a natural pre-conditioning treatment.
  2. Instead of piling all of your hair on top of your head, work your shampoo by massaging it into the roots and smoothing it down to the ends. When you do this, you’re helping to prevent tangles which in turn helps prevent damage caused by breaking.
  3. Before conditioning, be sure to squeeze as much water out of your strands as possible. Conditioner bonds better to hair that isn’t completely drenched, helping the product to actually do its job. I like to wrap my hair up in a loose bun while letting the product go to work for the recommended 2-3 minutes (check your bottle).
  4. When its time to rinse, giving hair a cold burst of water can do wonders to reduce frizz. Lean your head upside down at the end of your shower to rinse out all the remaining product. This can be really beneficial for those who get lots of flyaways because it cancels out the frizz-causing combination of heat and humidity.
  5. Lastly, drying your hair might just be the most important part of determining where your hair day is going. After gently wringing out your locks, try using a soft cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. This will make a huge difference in the amount of flyaways and frizz you end up with. Also, remember to never rub but always squeeze your hair dry. Rubbing aggressively won’t save you much time and will only result in tangles, breakage and frizz. And before you jump into styling, try waiting a bit to air-dry because wet hair is more fragile.

There you have it; five incredibly easy and absolutely free ways to get amazing hair today. If you have quick tips for great hair, leave your comments below and share with all your girlfriends you know would love a good hair day!



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