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Easy ways to make money from home

My decision to become a full-time stay at home mom came with many new changes, including a big transition in our financial responsibilities. My partner and I live comfortably on one solid income, but I, like most human beings, crave a little indulgence every now and then. In order to satisfy my appetite for spending money beyond the realm of bills and groceries, I use these super easy ways to fill my pockets with extra cash from the comfort of my home.

  • Go grocery shopping and get paid for it. There’s an amazingly simple app to use called Ibotta, which gives you rebates for items you purchase at your favorite stores. Its easy: before you head to your favorite store, browse the available rebates and select the ones you plan on buying. Do your shopping and save your receipt. When you’re finished, simply submit the receipt by taking a picture of it on the app and scan the bar codes of what you purchased. Ibotta will pay you in the form of gift cards, or you can have the money deposited into your PayPal or Venmo account. Get a $10 welcome bonus when you redeem your first rebate using this link:
  • Get cash back for online shopping. Okay, so this one is probably the easiest way to make money and requires (literally) a click of a button for every time you earn cash back. Download the Ebates extension on your web browser and every time there is cash back available, a little notification will pop up in the corner of your screen. Simply click “Activate”, make your purchase, and the cash will be deposited into your account. Add your mailing address and Ebates will send a check right to your house. Click here to get started:
  • Sell your old clothes, shoes, and handbags and get money deposited right to your bank account. Sure, donating your used attire is charitable, but wouldn’t it be nice to get something back for it? Poshmark allows you to sell your gently loved clothing by posting few pics of the item and sharing it to your followers. Once your item is sold, all you have to do is ship it. Poshmark even pays for shipping, and will deposit your earnings directly into your bank account. Use this link and earn $5 for singing up:
  • Teach English online, work on your time. This last one requires a little bit more effort because it is actually a job, but with the super flexible hours and easygoing environment (ahem, your own home) you will wonder why you didn’t sign on to this part-time gig sooner. VIPKID is a language immersion program which puts you on live camera with students in China whom you teach English to. Pay starts at $14 per hour and there’s plenty of room for increases and bonuses. You must have your bachelor’s degree, and although experience in a classroom isn’t required, it will earn you more. To start earning money from home, click here:

Do you have any unique ways to earn easy money from home? I would love to hear them! Leave a comment below and be sure to like and share this post!

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