Money-wise Wedding Series (intro) – a bride’s guide to not breaking the bank

If you’re reading this, a congratulations and a pop of the champagne bottle are probably in order. So, cheers! You’re engaged! You’ve uploaded the insta-perfect snapshot of your sparkly stone, gushed about the proposal to friends and family and now you’re ready to start putting those childhood dreams into plans into reality.

The early stages of wedding planning are blissfully fun; you spend hours scrolling through Pinterest getting inspiration for the best decor ideas and aimlessly walk through craft stores envisioning the perfect unique DIY projects you’ll feature at your reception. But as the saying goes, its all fun and games until someone gets the bill… Or something like that.

When it comes to planning a wedding, your biggest cost will come from vendors. Primarily, the venue, photographer, florist and caterer. Its so easy to go overboard on costs and say, “It doesn’t matter, its my wedding! This only happens once and its the most special day of my life!” So I’ll just start by giving my brides-to-be the most gentle reality check possible: yes, it does (hopefully) only happen once and that’s why in retrospect its a little outrageous to spend so much on one day (really, only a small chunk of a day). Secondly, its true, your wedding is a beautiful, spectacular, and special day. But it is not the most special day of your life. It is one of them, alongside other incredible events like college graduation, giving birth to a child, landing your dream job, etc.

Do yourself a favor that will save your sanity and your wallet for now and later and don’t let emotions overtake your rationality. Take the extra time to research and do a ton of price comparison. It is possible to have a beautiful wedding and not spend the equivalent of a new car!! This series will break down planning your wedding into an easy guide that covers everything from setting limits on spending to painless vendor negotiation. I’ll also give you some tips on stress-relief for when you feel a bridezilla episode coming on 😉

Again, congratulations! You will make the most beautiful bride and have the most perfect day. I hope you enjoy this series and that you’re able to save a few extra bucks, without forgetting to enjoy planning one of the biggest celebrations of your life. Please write to me with any questions and comments!


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